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Decades of clinical experience and excellence.

Our team is made up of a diverse group of providers. Combined, our staff has decades of real-world experience in the subject matter they teach. With experience comes knowledge.

Dennis Russell

Director of Education, M.Ed., NRP, I/C

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Mark Forest

Authorized Training Institute Manager, NREMT, I/C

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Matthew Michaud

Lead Advanced Life Support Instructor, Th.D, NRP, CP-C, I/C

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Chelsea Callahan

Education Program Coordinator, NREMT

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Ryan Leonard

Onboarding Program Lead, NREMT

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Tommy Richer

BLS Educator, NREMT, I/C

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Robert Sullivan

BLS Educator, NREMT, I/C

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Matthew Williams

Paramedic Program Director, NRP, I/C

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Kevin Brown

Adjunct Instructor, NREMT, I/C

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John Shea

Adjunct Instructor, NRP

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Will Donovan

Adjunct Instructor, NRP, I/C